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Audio for Outdoor Living 

There are 2 types of outdoor speakers to choose from, surface mounted and in-ground. For Decks and Patios, surface mounted speakers are the popular choice. The surface mounted speaker projects sound from the front of the speaker only and can be directed towards a specific area. The surface mounted speaker bracket allows you control the angle of the speaker to further control the coverage area. Bose offers the Model 251 surface-mounted outdoor speaker.  For Backyards, Swimming Pools, and Fire pits, Landscape speakers will meet your needs.  There are 2 types of Landscape speakers, Omni-directional and directional. Omni-directional speakers disperse sound in a complete circular pattern and are great for large areas. Be aware of locating Omni-directional speakers near your neighbors. Your neighbors will hear as much sound as you. The Episode® Landscape Series 360° Speaker is a great Omni-directional Landscape speaker. Directional landscape speakers allow you to control the sound dispersion pattern. These directional speakers are a great choice for walkways, narrow yards, and when you want the sound in a specific area such as a Pool or Fire pit. The Episode Satellite Landscape speaker is the right choice for directional landscape speakers. For those that want to rock the outdoors, Landscape sub-woofers are now available. These Landscape sub-woofers are available in both above ground and in-ground models.

All models of the Bose outdoor residential speakers and Episode Satellite speakers will work with either the Sonos Amp, or any 3rd party amplifier/receiver that can handle 4-8 ohm speakers and are rated 10 to 100 watts per channel. For best results, use amplifiers with a minimum 60-watt output per channel. The amplifiers should be located indoors and then run wires from the speakers to the amplifier. Be sure to use direct burial speaker cable or place standard speaker wire in some type of protective conduit. Do not install the Smart amplifier in an outdoor weatherproof enclosure. This will prohibit the wireless control of the amplifiers.


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