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Can Cat5/6 Wire Be Used for Video?

Clients often inquire about the possibility of relocating their cable box or other video sources to a different room or the basement while wondering if their current Cat5/6 wires can effectively transmit video signals. Achieving this goal is feasible through the integration of a video balun kit that comes with HDMI input and output connections. Here's a step-by-step guide on setting up the system.

Begin by placing the transmitting balun at the end of the Cat5/6 cable near the video source, and position the receiving balun at the other end, near the TV. Use HDMI cables to connect the baluns to the cable box or other video source device and the TV.

For those looking to connect two TVs to a single cable box with pre-wired Cat5/6 cables, introduce an HDMI splitter to the cable box output. Connect one output of the splitter to the TV and the other to the transmitting balun. Attach the output of the transmitting balun to the Cat5/6 cable.

At the second TV location, connect the receiving balun to the Cat5/6 cable, and then link the output of the receiving balun to the second TV using an HDMI cable.

If the Cat5/6 cables terminate in a central location, identify the two Cat cables in use and join them with a connector.

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