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Connecting the New Verizon Cable Box

Over the past couple of weeks, we received a few calls and scheduled a couple of service calls for clients that have received the new Verizon Cable Box. This new cable box only has an HDMI output which makes it difficult to connect to older Bose Lifestyle systems that don’t have HDMI inputs. Often clients ask if there is a converter that will allow the connection to be made between the new cable box and older Bose system. Although we don’t recommend converters, the answer is yes. The reason is we have found that converters can be “glitchy” and unreliable. For those clients that want to try a converter, you need to first determine what inputs are available on your Bose Lifestyle console. Does it have an RGB input, or does it have an optical input? If you have both, optical is preferred. In this case, you will need an HDMI to optical converter. If there is no optical input, you will need an HDMI to RGB converter. These converters can be found online. For design, sales, or service of your audio, video, or smart home system, schedule a FREE consultation @ 888-775-2673. Please visit our website @

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