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How Many Speakers Can I Connect to a Sonos Amp? UPDATE

With the recent software update, the Sonos Amp can now support up to six (6) speakers without requiring them to be wired in series. This is a significant development, particularly for users who may not be familiar with series wiring. It's worth noting that this feature only applies to Sonos Architectural speakers and does not extend to non-Sonos speakers. Additionally, the Sonos Amp incorporates onboard overdrive limiters to safeguard the system.


To make use of the six (6) speaker option, ensure that the Speaker Detect feature is enabled in the Sonos app. You can activate Speaker Detect by accessing Settings in the Sonos app, navigating to Room Name, then Products, and finally selecting Detect Sonos Architectural. Once enabled, Speaker Detect will automatically reconfigure your speakers, making it a convenient way to cover a large area using a single Sonos amplifier.


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