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Is New Wiring Needed to Add Smart Lighting in My Home?

As more and more people are looking to add Smart Lighting to their homes, clients always ask if new wiring is needed. In almost all cases, no new wiring is needed to convert existing light switches, dimmers, and receptacles to Smart Devices. In rare cases, low voltage control wire may be needed. These Smart Devices connect using your Wi-Fi network or a mesh network created by the Smart Devices. With the existing wiring, you can control your lighting with voice, an app, or remote. By creating “schedules” or “scenes”, you can control multiple Smart Devices with a single command. For example, when you are away from your home, lights can come on and off to give the appearance that you are home. With majority of manufacturers, you can control the lights remotely. If you are interested in adding Smart Lighting to your home, schedule a FREE virtual consultation by calling 888-775-2673. Please visit our website @

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