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What is a Music Zone?

In all our audio proposals, the term "Music Zone" is frequently utilized. Clients often inquire about what exactly a Music Zone entails. Essentially, a Music Zone refers to a room with the capability to independently select its audio source and control its volume. In today's context, smart amplifiers like the Sonos amplifier facilitate source selection and volume control through the Sonos app. With a Sonos amplifier, it is possible to set up a Music Zone with up to 4 speakers. When employing 4 speakers in a Zone, all of them will play at the same volume. It's important to note that using in-line volume controls to manage the 4 speakers' volume independently is not recommended. One of the key features of the Sonos app is the ability to play the same source simultaneously in multiple Music Zones. This creates a seamless and synchronized audio experience throughout different areas of your space. If you prefer to use a multi-channel analog amplifier, the feasibility of having distinct music zones will depend on the number of assignable outputs on the analog amplifier. If you require assistance in designing your Home Audio-Video system, we offer a FREE consultation. Feel free to schedule an appointment by calling us at 888-775-2673. For additional information, please visit our website at

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