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What is Sonos Trueplay?

Sonos Trueplay is a patented Sonos technology that allows your Sonos speakers to adjust to the unique characteristics of your room. Trueplay will measure how the sound reflects off your walls, furniture, other surfaces in your room to create great sound wherever the speaker is placed. To use Trueplay­­ your IOS device needs be using iOS 8 or later. Note, when using Trueplay, you will need to move around your room. To start running Trueplay, open the Sonos app and select “System” and then the room you would like to tune. Next select “Trueplay” and follow the onscreen instructions. Before starting Trueplay, be sure “VoiceOver” is turned off on your phone. You can turn off “VoiceOver” in phone settings. If you have changed or rearranged the furniture in any room in your house with a Sonos speaker, it is recommended to run Trueplay to maximize the sound quality. For design sales, or installation of your home entertainment system, call 888-775-2673. Please visit our website @

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