Bose Lifestyle Upgrade

Important Facts About Upgrading Your Old Bose Lifestyle System
  • For the vast majority of cases, you can use your existing Bose cube speakers. It is not recommended that you connect non Bose speakers to your new Bose LS-600 console. For a list of Bose speakers that are not compatible, please click here.
  • Your existing speaker wires that are connected to your existing bass module will need to be extended to the back of your new LS-600 console. A Bose in-wall wiring kit is required..
  • An HDMI cable is required between the new LS-600 console and the back of your TV. We recommend also running a Optical audio cable between the TV and console.
  • The new Bose LS-600 console has the Bose Soundtouch music streaming built in. There is no built-in DVD/CD player or AM-FM Tuner.
  • The new Bose LS-600 console is Bluetooth and Apple Airplay 2 compatible.
  • The new Bose AM-700 bass module requires an electrical outlet. If the new AM-700 bass module is within 25'-30' of the new console, it does not have to be hardwired to the new console.
  • If you have additional music zones connected to your existing Bose Lifestyle system, the music zones can not be connected to the new Bose console with your older Bose amplifiers. Bose has discontinued all Soundtouch expansion amplifiers and Soundtouch expansion products. Sonos amplifiers can be used with the Bose speakers. A Sonos Port can be added to the Bose console to allow music from the Sonos app to play through the Bose Home Theater system.

We Have Music Expansion Options

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