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 Bose Lifestyle Upgrade Notice

To Our Valued Customers and Website Visitors,

Bose has informed dealers that the LS-600 consoles are no longer available. As Bose continues to phase out the Soundtouch product line, without the LS-600 consoles, there is no longer the ability to upgrade older Bose Lifestyle Systems. The Bose Lifestyle 650 is the only Lifestyle system expected to be available to the end of this year, 2021. After that, all Bose products will be based on the Bose Music platform which does not integrate with Bose Soundtouch products. 

For those looking upgrade older Bose Lifestyle systems, we are offering Sonos Home Theater Packages that utilize your existing Bose wiring. Watch the Video below for converting from Bose Lifestyle to Sonos. 

To learn more about our Sonos Home Theater Options, please click here.
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