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Are Sonos Speakers the Same as Sonance Speakers?

As more of our clients transition to Sonos products, we frequently encounter the misconception that 'Sonos is the same as Sonance speakers.' This is not accurate and stems from the fact that Sonance manufactures Sonos speakers. However, it's crucial to note that Sonos designs their speakers uniquely. When Sonos speakers are paired with a Sonos Amp, the software within the Sonos Amp, known as 'Speaker Detect,' unlocks distinctive features in Sonos architectural line of speakers. You can activate 'Speaker Detect' in the Sonos Amp settings, which enables:


  • Trueplay: You can fully tune the speaker using an iOS device, similar to tuning our sound bars or all-in-one speakers (e.g., Era 300).

  • Up to 6 total speakers on a single Amp: With 'Speaker Detect' enabled, you can safely operate 6 Sonos architectural speakers on a single Sonos Amp for a single zone of audio. The Amp includes built-in overdrive limiters to safeguard the system.

  • Automatic DSP: Simply activating 'Speaker Detect' ensures that the Amp and speaker perform as intended by our audio team.


These exclusive features are specific to the Sonos architectural line of speakers and are not compatible with other speakers connected to a Sonos Amp.


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