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Can I Add A CD Player to My Sonos System?

There are various Sonos products that will allow you to connect your CD player. These products include the Sonos 5, Sonos Beam, Sonos Arc, Sonos Amp, and the Sonos Port. Remember, some of these products have different inputs and your CD player output needs to be compatible. Most CD Players have an analog output which is the cable with the red and white RCA type connections. For this discussion, we are assuming your CD player has an analog RCA output. The RCA analog output will connect directly to a Sonos Amp and a Sonos Port. If you have a Sonos 5, you will need an RCA to 3.5 mm cable. The 3.5 mm cable looks like a standard headphone jack. For the Sonos Arc and Beam soundbars, an RCA to optical audio converter is required. One of the major benefits of a Sonos system is that once you connect your CD player to any of these Sonos devices, you will be able to play the CD player on all other Sonos devices throughout your home. For help with Design, Sales, and Installation of your home entertainment system, call 888-775-2673 to schedule your FREE consultation. Please visit our website @ www.wbsouth. com.

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