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Can I Connect My CD Player to My New Sonos System?

We often have clients that want to have the ability to play their CD collection through their new Sonos system. If your system includes one of the following Sonos products, Sonos 5, Sonos Amp, or a Sonos Port, connecting the CD player is a relatively easy process. The 1st step is to connect the CD Player to your Sonos device. Most CD players have an RCA output. To connect to a Sonos Amp or Sonos Port, you will need an RCA-to-RCA cable. To connect to a Sonos 5, you will need an RCA to 1/8" (3.5mm) cable. After you have connected your CD player, to start listening to your CD’s, from the Rooms tab, tap the room or group that you want to play Line-In audio. Next, From the Browse menu, tap Line-In then Tap the source device to start playback. To listen in another rooms, just add the room as you would any other source. Please note, if you are using a Sonos Amp to power your rear speakers of a Sonos Home Theater system, the line input is disabled. For a FREE Design Consultation, call 888-775-2683. Please visit our website @

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