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Can I Connect My Outdoor TV to My Outdoors Speakers?

More and more people are converting their Patios into incredible outdoor Living Spaces, often adding full Kitchens, low voltage lighting, and TV’s. Clients adding outdoor TV’s always ask if the audio from their outdoor TVs can be played through their outdoor speakers. The answer in most cases is yes. For our clients that have Sonos or older Bose SA-3 or SA-5 amplifiers, it’s a matter of connecting the TV’s audio output to the auxiliary input of the amplifier. This is a hardwired connection and can be accomplished by running a cable between the TV and amplifier. The type of cable depends on your TV’s audio output. In most cases, it’s either an optical or RCA cable. To learn more about adding audio, video, and better Wi-Fi to your Outdoor Living Space, schedule a Free Consultation by calling 888-775-2673. Please visit our website @

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