• Craig Whitaker

Can I Control My Sonos Music System with a Remote Control?

As we continue to upgrade many of our past Bose clients to Sonos, some clients still want to control their music with a remote, not with their phone. I often suggest to clients that they first try using their phone and after a brief trial, if they still want a remote, there are various remotes that will work. The first type is a handheld universal remote such as Control 4 or URC remote. The Control 4 remote will require a basic Control 4 controller such as an EA-1. Another alternative is the Lutron Caseta wall switch. The Caseta wall switch can either be placed in a wall switch box or surface mounted. With the Caseta wall switch, you will need a Lutron Bridge. With these 3rd party remote controls, there are limitations. The 3rd party remotes allow you turn on a room, control the volume, and select a favorite pre-set. You will need to set-up your favorites and playlists using the Sonos app either on your phone or laptop. We have also had a couple of clients use dedicated I-Pads to control their Sonos system, either wall mounted or tabletop. In both cases, there was a single I-Pad for each floor. The advantage of using an I-Pad is that you are accessing the Sonos app on the I-Pad which gives you full control over your Sonos system. Please note that many older reviews show the Harmony remotes are the highest rated remotes to control Sonos systems. However, Harmony remotes have been discontinued. For help with your audio, video, or smart home system, schedule your free consultation by calling 888-775-2673 or visit our website @ www.wbsouth.com.

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