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How Can I Add Rear Speakers to My Sonos Soundbar?

For those looking to add rear speakers to their Sonos Soundbar to create a full Home Theater Surround Sound system, there are 2 options. The 1st is to add a pair of Sonos 1 speakers to serve as the rear speakers. The advantage of this approach is that Sonos One speakers are the cheaper option and don’t require running speaker wires. The disadvantage of the Sonos One speakers is that each speaker requires an electrical connection. Rarely is an electrical outlet on a wall or ceiling where the speakers should be located. Speaker stands placed near an electrical outlet are a good option when adding Sonos One speakers as the rear speakers. The 2nd option is adding a pair of passive speakers, such as the Sonos in-wall/ceiling speakers, powered by a Sonos amplifier, as the rear speakers. The disadvantage of this option is this option is more expensive than a pair of Sonos One speakers and speaker wire needs to be run between the speakers and the amplifier. Note that if you are upgrading from an old Bose Lifestyle system, the existing rear speaker wires can be used. The advantages of the passive speaker options are aesthetics and sound. The flush mounted in-wall/ceiling speakers are barely noticeable in a room as compared to a pair of Sonos One speakers mounted on a wall or speaker stand. As to the sound, in my opinion, the passive speakers provide a much fuller sound. For help designing your Sonos Home Entertainment system, call 888-775-2673. Please visit our website @

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