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How Do I Control My Sonos System with My Voice?

To control your Sonos system using Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, the 1st step is to confirm your Sonos speakers are compatible. Almost all Sonos speakers are compatible. The next step is to download either the Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa on your phone. If you already have the app on your phone, skip to the next step.

Open the Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant app and add the Sonos skill or service.

Next you need to link your Sonos account with Amazon or Google. Follow the specific instructions provided by the Voice Assistant app to do this. You may need to grant permissions in your Sonos account to connect to the Voice Assistant.

Once you have added the Sonos skill or service to your Voise Assistant app ask the Voice Assistant to find Sonos devices. It should discover all the Sonos devices on the same network.

Once your Sonos devices have been successfully discovered by the Voice Assistant app, you are ready to control your Sonos system with your voice. You can say, "Hey Alexa, play Spotify on the Living Room Sonos" or "Hey Google, skip this song on the Patio Sonos." To confirm what control your Voice Assistant offers, ask “What Sonos commands are available?’

It is important to note that controlling your Sonos system is different that controlling your system with Sonos Voice which we will explore next week.

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