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  • Craig Whitaker

My Bass Drops Out on My Bose Lifestyle System

There are times when the wireless Bose bass module mysteriously drops out on the Bose Lifestyle systems. This could be a sign that the bass module is going bad but there a few things we can try before sending back to Bose for repair. First, simply unplug the bass module, wait 60 seconds, and then plug the bass unit back in. This will reset the unit and hopefully connect to the console. If that doesn’t work, move the bass module to another location in the room, closer to the console. It’s possible that some type of interference has been introduced into the room and is interfering with the wireless signal. If the bass continues t­­o drop out, you can try hardwiring the bass module to the console. Depending on your system, this cable will vary. Check the back of the console and bass module to determine what cable you need. If you have hardwired the bass module to the Lifestyle console and the bass is still dropping out, you probably need to have the bass module serviced. For all Bose service, call Bose @ 800-379-2073. For design, sales, and installation of your home entertainment system, schedule a FREE consultation and call 888-775-2673. Please visit our website at

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