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My Bose CD Player Stopped

This week, we had 2 calls where clients faced issues with their Bose CD players. One instance involved a Bose Wave Radio, while the other occurred with a Bose Lifestyle system. In both cases, the clients were seeking solutions for their CD playback needs. Unfortunately, when it comes to repair, it's important to note that Bose no longer provides repair services for their CD players. However, it's worth mentioning that both clients had systems that were still operational and were not yet ready to consider upgrading. Their primary objective was to continue enjoying their CD collection.

A practical solution in this situation is to connect a third-party CD player to the Bose devices. Brands like Denon and Marantz still manufacture CD players, and most DVD players are capable of playing CDs. For the Bose Wave Radio, you can easily connect the CD player to the "Aux" input located on the rear of your Bose Wave Radio. On the Bose Lifestyle system, you can connect the CD player to any available analog input, typically the red and white connectors on the back of the Bose Lifestyle console.

It's important to keep in mind that the Bose remote controls will not be able to operate the CD player. To control your CD player, you will need to use the CD player's remote or manually initiate playback and then select the appropriate input using your Bose remote. You can still use your Bose remote to manage the volume.

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