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What Are the Differences between a Surveillance Camera System and a Security System?

When clients ask if we install security systems, we say we offer surveillance camera systems but not security systems. Invariably the next question is what is the difference? A surveillance camera system is designed to allow you to watch your home or business, inside and out, either on your tv screen, a separate monitor, or your phone. When you are away, you can check on your home or business on your phone. This is especially useful for those that have vacation homes. Most surveillance camera systems will store the video on a DVR for up to 30 days. A security system is a series of devices such as door /windows sensors, window breaks, and motion detectors that when tripped will set off an alarm and contact the local police. A typical surveillance camera system will not automatically contact the police. The reasons we offer surveillance cameras and not security systems are insurance restrictions and licensing requirements. To learn more about surveillance camera systems we offer, please visit our website @ or schedule a free consultation by calling 888-775-2673.

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