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What Cables Should be Run for My TV During Construction?

Often during construction, not all the cables for the TV are installed. Remember, when planning, try and anticipate not just your current needs but any future needs as well. Here is a checklist you can reference:

  • HDMI: Install a high-quality HDMI cable for every device that will be connected directly to your TV, plus at least one extra cable. These devices include cable/satellite boxes, Roku devices, and DVD players.

  • Ethernet: While TVs can connect wirelessly to your Wi-Fi network, using a Cat6 cable to wire the TV directly to your router provides a more stable and faster connection for a better streaming experience.

  • Optical Audio Cable: If you have or are planning to add an audio system to your TV, an optical audio cable may be needed.

  • USB: USB cables may be needed for streaming devices, external hard drives, or gaming devices.

  • Coaxial: Many people are eliminating or considering eliminating cable and satellite services in favor of streaming services. Often, an exterior antenna is added to receive local channels, requiring a coaxial cable.

  • IR Extender Cables: If your devices are in a closet, an IR repeater may be needed, and this extender allows the IR "eye" to be placed on the front of the TV.

  • Power Outlets: At minimum, install a duplex outlet behind the TV, with one outlet for the TV and the other for a possible soundbar.

  • RGB/Components: This is only needed if you have a device that does not have an HDMI output. This type of cable will not be needed with any new devices.

Installing a cable conduit from your component location to the back of the TV during construction will always provide a path for any new cables that may be needed in the future.


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