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What is HD Radio?

Although it has been around for some time, we received our 1st question this week about HD radio. As with HD TV, HD radio improves the quality of the sound you hear. HD Radio provides deeper bass and increased clarity. It delivers CD quality for FM stations and makes AM radio sound like FM. To receive HD radio, you need an HD radio tuner. Additionally, HD radio provides on screen data such as artist info and album art as you would get with a paid music subscription. HD Radio tuners also provide what is known as substations which occurs when the radio stations divide the digital portion of their transmission, creating additional program choices. These substations are identified by an additional number added to the station’s frequency number. For example, 98.1 FM may have 98.1 HD 1 and 98.1 HD 2. To find HD radio stations in your area go to For help with all your audio, video, and home automation needs, schedule a free consultation by calling 888-775-2673. Please visit our website @

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