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What is Pairing

Recently we had a client that called about a problem with pairing. It turns out that it wasn’t a pairing issue but thought it would be good to refer exactly what pairing is. In the world of audio, "pairing" typically refers to the process of connecting two devices together wirelessly so they can communicate and work together. This is commonly associated with Bluetooth technology, which is widely used for wireless audio connections. Pairing involves the following 4 steps.

• Discovery: To initiate the pairing process, one device (e.g., a smartphone or tablet) searches for nearby Bluetooth devices that are in pairing mode. Be sure that the device you are trying to pair with is in the Pairing mode.

• Selection: Your screen will show a list of discovered devices. Select the device you wish to pair with. Remember you can only pair to one device at a time. This could be a pair of Bluetooth headphones, a speaker, a car stereo, or any other compatible audio device.

• Authentication: After selecting the desired device, both devices will enter into a brief authentication process where they exchange security keys or codes to ensure that the connection is secure and that the two devices are allowed to communicate.

• Connection: Once the authentication is successfully completed, the two devices are paired, and a wireless Bluetooth connection is established between them. This allows audio data (e.g., music, phone calls, or other sound) to be transmitted from the initiating device to the paired audio device.

Fortunately, you do not need to pair every time you want to connect the 2 devices. After devices are paired, they can automatically reconnect when they are in range, and both have Bluetooth enabled.

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