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  • Craig Whitaker

What is "POE" ?

Clients that are getting involved with Surveillance Cameras and Wi-Fi network Access Points are being introduced to the term “POE”. POE stands for Power Over Ethernet. Most Surveillance Cameras and Access Points require 12v power to operate. This power can be supplied by using a power supply often called an injector or transferring the power over the ethernet cables that are used to connect the Access Points to a network switch or connecting Surveillance Cameras to a Digital Video Recorder. When purchasing a network switch or Digital Video Recorder confirm that the units supply power to connected devices. Almost all Digital Recorders supply power to the Surveillance Cameras but not all Network Switches supply power. Some Network Switches supply no power, others supply power on some ports, and others supply power on all ports. Looking for help in adding Surveillance Cameras to your home or improving your Wi-Fi network, schedule a FREE consultation by calling 888-775-2673. Please visit our website

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