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Can I Add a Sonos Sub-Woofer to My Sonos Amplifier?

Our clients that are seeking a premium music listening experience often ask about adding a bass module to their full range speakers. With a Sonos amplifier powering your speakers you can wirelessly add a Sub or a Mini sub to the room. The choice depends on the size of your room, for large spaces, the Sonos sub, for smaller spaces, the Mini sub. No additional cables are required, you simply add the subwoofers using the Sonos app. In addition to adding room filling sound, a Subwoofer will deliver deep and powerful bass, enhancing the low-frequency output of your audio system. This can greatly enrich your overall listening experience, making music more immersive and dynamic. The Subwoofer improves the overall audio quality by offloading the low-frequency sounds to the Sub, the main Sonos amplifier's speakers can focus on producing mid and high-range frequencies with greater clarity. This separation of frequencies can lead to better overall audio quality. Sonos Subs and mini subs can be used with following Sonos products: Era 100, Era 300, Five, One (Gen 1), One (Gen 2), One SL, Play:1, Play:3, Play:5 (Gen 2), Arc, Arc SL, Beam (Gen 1), Beam (Gen 2), Playbar, Playbase, Ray, and Amp. For help designing your new Home Entertainment system, schedule a FREE consultation by calling 888-775-2673. Please visit our website @

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