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Can I Add Streaming Music to My Old Bose Lifestyle System?

For those that have an older Bose Lifestyle system, pre-2014, and would like to add the benefits of streaming music, adding a Sonos Port is a simple solution. A Sonos Port gives access to the Sonos Streaming Music Platform as well adding an additional analog input. To connect the Sonos Port to your Bose Lifestyle system, simply connect either the analog or coax digital to an open input on your Bose console. Once you have downloaded the Sonos app to your phone and added the Sonos Port to the Sonos App, use the Sonos app to select your favorite streaming music. Next, use the Bose remote control to select the Bose input where you connected the Sonos Port. If you have additional music zones in your Bose system, use the Bose room remotes to select the Sonos Port input to play streaming music. For help designing your Home Entertainment system, schedule a FREE consultation by calling 888-775-2673. Please visit our website @

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