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Can I Build My Sonos Home Theater Systems in Stages?

As an increasing number of our clients opt to replace their Bose Lifestyle systems for various reasons, the cost of investment is always a significant factor to consider. On average, a Sonos Home Theater system with in-wall or in-ceiling speakers costs around $3,000. However, we understand that flexibility is crucial, so we offer the option to build the system in stages.

Depending on the room size, you have two starting points. For smaller rooms, the Sonos Beam priced at $499 is a fantastic choice, while the Sonos Arc priced at $899 suits larger rooms. Both soundbars not only enhance your TV sound significantly but also provide streaming music capabilities through the Sonos app.

The next step is to add a subwoofer to enhance the bass experience. In smaller rooms with the Beam Soundbar, we recommend the Sonos Sub Mini priced at $429. For larger rooms with the premium Sonos Arc, the ideal selection is the Sonos Sub priced at $799.

To achieve a complete 5.1 Home Theater experience, you can incorporate in-ceiling or in-wall speakers powered by a Sonos amp, which costs $1,358. The soundbars and subwoofers are available in black or white, offering you aesthetic versatility. Please note, these prices do not include installation.

For clients with older Bose systems, in most cases, you can utilize the existing rear speaker wires with the new Sonos system, simplifying the transition. For help in designing or upgrading your existing Home Entertainment system, we offer a complimentary consultation. Schedule an appointment by calling 888-775-2673. For more information, please visit our website at

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