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Can I Connect a Roku Device to My Bose Lifestyle?

Connecting a Roku streaming device, as well as other streamers like an Amazon Firestick, depends on your Bose Lifestyle system's model and age. If your Bose Lifestyle system is equipped with HDMI inputs, simply connect the streaming device to one of the HDMI inputs on the Bose Lifestyle console. Then, use your Bose remote control to select the appropriate input and follow the on-screen instructions on the streaming device to connect to your Wi-Fi network.


For Bose Lifestyle systems without HDMI inputs, check the available audio inputs on your system. If your TV has a compatible audio output, use the appropriate cable to connect the TV to the Bose console. Optical connections are preferred over analog ones. When employing this method, use your TV remote to select the input corresponding to the streaming device connection. Use the Bose remote to choose the correct input for the TV audio connection.


It's important to note that connecting the streaming device directly to your TV without an audio connection to the Bose console will result in no sound playing from your streaming device.


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