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Can I Connect Multiple TVs to a Single Cable Box?

With skyrocketing cable prices and many streaming video alternatives, more and more of our clients are asking if 1 cable box can be connected to multiple TV’s. The answer is yes. Before you rush out and return cable boxes, it is good to understand what sharing a cable box entails. Using a single cable box for multiple TVs limits your choices to a single program. Every TV connected to the cable box will play the same program. To connect multiple TVs to a single cable box you will need a high-quality, HDMI video splitter. There are multiple splitter choices, but lower cost splitters will deliver poor results. The splitter you select depends on the number of TVs you want to connect to the cable box. If you are connecting 2 TVs you will need a 1 x 2 splitter, if you are connecting 4 TVs, you would need a 1 x 4 splitter. We don’t recommend connecting more than 4 TVS to a single cable box. For TV’s further than 50’ from the splitter, we strongly recommend not using HDMI cables. For distances over 50’, we recommend using CAT5 cable with video baluns. For help designing your audio, video, or smart home system, schedule your free consultation by calling 888-775-2673. Please visit our website @

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