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Can I Group Rooms Together on the Sonos App?

The answer is yes and it’s easy using the Sonos app. Grouping rooms on the Sonos app allows you to synchronize playback effortlessly to enjoy the same music throughout your home. Here’s a quick guide on how to group rooms using the Sonos app on different devices.


For iOS or Android:

·      Open the Sonos app and navigate to the System tab.

·      Select the room you want to group with others.

·      Tap on "Group" next to the selected room.

·      Check the boxes next to the rooms you want to add to the group.

·      Tap "Done" to confirm. Alternatively, you can tap "Everywhere" to group all rooms at once.


For macOS or Windows:


·      Launch the Sonos app and locate the Rooms pane on the left side.

·      Click on the group button next to the chosen room.

·      Select the rooms you wish to include in the group.

·      Click "Done" to finalize the grouping. You also have the option to click "Select All - Party Mode" to group all rooms simultaneously.


When rooms are grouped, they will play the same music in sync. Keep in mind that if you group rooms with TV sound, there might be a slight time delay. It's advisable not to add more speakers to the surround room to avoid this delay.


Following these simple steps using the Sonos app allows you to easily create custom audio zones throughout your home.  


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