• Craig Whitaker

Can I Pair My Phone to Multiple Devices?

A client called this week frustrated trying to Pair (connect) his phone to two (2) different devices, his TV Soundbar and wireless speaker. We explained that connecting his phone to multiple devices wasn’t possible due the limitations of Bluetooth technology. Bluetooth is a one-to-one technology, source to receiver. In speaking with the caller, we determined he was trying to play music from his phone to his wireless speaker and TV’s Soundbar. This is possible if both devices are operating on the same music platform such as Sonos, Bose Soundtouch, or Bose Music. If the devices are operating on different platforms, this can’t be done. To play music from your phone on multiple devices, pair your phone of one of your devices and then, using the app, group the additional rooms to the connected device. For help with designing, installing, or servicing your home entertainment system. Schedule a FREE consultation by calling 888-775-2673. Please visit our website @www.wbsouth.com.

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