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Can I play Music from My Computer on My Sonos System?

In addition to playing music stored on your computer using the Sonos app on your computer, you can add your computer’s music library to your Sonos system and then access it using the Sonos app. To add your music library to the Sonos app, first open the Sonos app and click the “Settings” tab on the Sonos app. Next select “System” and then click on “Music Library Settings”. From the Settings menu, select “Add Music Library” and then select your computer from the available devices. Next, follow the on screen prompts to add your music library to your Sonos system. Once you have added your music library, you can browse and play your music from the “Browse” tap in the Sonos app. Remember, if you are using an Apple Mac computer, you can use Airplay to stream music from your computer to your Sonos system. For help in designing your Home Entertainment system, schedule a FREE consultation by calling 888-775-2673. Please visit our website @

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