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Can I Use a Sonos Soundbar with My Projector?

This week, we conducted an interesting in-home consultation where our client expressed an interest in pairing a Sonos Arc with their projector. Utilizing a Sonos Arc alongside a projector is indeed feasible, subject to specific requirements.

When it comes to sound quality, it's essential to position the Soundbar in front of the screen. In cases where it must be placed behind the screen, an acoustic transparent screen becomes necessary.

Another crucial consideration is the connectivity between your projector and the Sonos Soundbar. Firstly, determine if your projector has an ARC (Audio Return Channel) input. If it does, a straightforward solution is to connect the projector and Soundbar using an HDMI cable. If not, confirm whether your projector offers an optical output, in which case you can establish a connection by using an optical cable. However, if your projector lacks both ARC and optical outputs, a soundbar might not be the appropriate choice.

Lastly, consider the number of video sources (e.g., cable/satellite, video streamer, DVD player, etc.) you intend to link to your projector. If you plan to connect more devices than your projector has available inputs, a video switcher will be necessary. Alternatively, if you aren't using a DVD player and your projector only has a single video input, a Roku device can be a practical solution. You can conveniently download all your streaming video apps, including your cable TV provider app, onto the Roku and then connect it to the projector's sole video input. Control of your video sources can be seamlessly managed using the Roku remote.

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