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Can My Lifestyle Stored Music Be Played on My Sonos System?

In the past, many owners of Bose Lifestyle systems used to store their CD collections on their Lifestyle consoles. Nowadays, a significant number of these users have either upgraded or are considering upgrading their older Bose systems to the latest Sonos Home Theater system. Frequently, these users inquire about the possibility of playing their archived music through their new Sonos setup. The answer is yes, but there's a challenge in locating the necessary cable, as it is no longer in production.

The required cable is a Boselink fixed RCA cable. One end of this cable features a din connector that connects to the Boselink output on the back of the Bose console. The other end, equipped with RCA connectors, plugs into the aux input on a Sonos amplifier or Sonos Port. This setup can also be replicated with a standard audio receiver. To access the music, users can utilize the Bose PMC remote, and subsequently, the Sonos app can be used to choose the relevant input.

It's worth noting that while the Sonos app allows users to select the input and control the volume, it does not have the capability to control or display the stored music from the Bose system.

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