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How Long Should I Run HDMI Cables

As many of our clients purchase new 4K and in some cases 8K TV’s, the length of the HDMI cables connecting various components to the TV’s becomes critically important. Before 4K quality, you could get away with cables exceeding 50’. For 4K and 8K resolution, it is recommended to keep the length of the HDMI cables to a maximum of 50’or less. Remember the longer the HDMI cable, the greater the risk for signal degradation and loss of quality. If your system design requires HDMI cables that exceed 50’, we recommend using video extenders often referred to as baluns. Baluns connect to both ends of a CAT5E or CAT6 cable, the transmitting balun at the component and the receiving balun at the TV. Short HDMI cables then connect the baluns to the component and the TV. This solution allows for distances well over 100’. Please note, the quality of your HDMI cables impacts the results. For help in designing your home entertainment system, schedule a FREE consultation by call 888-775-2673. Please visit our website @

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