• Craig Whitaker

How Many Zones Can There Be in a Sonos System?

As more of our clients are upgrading to a Sonos system, clients want to know how many zones can be in a Sonos system. The answer is 32 zones or devices. To clarify, a Zone is defined as a space with either a Sonos Soundbar, Sonos wireless speaker such as a Sonos 5, or a Sonos amplifier. Each of these devices create an individual zone. Each Zone will have the ability to play a separate source and have independent volume control. In the rare event that more than 32 zones are needed, you can create a 2nd system, also referred to as household, within your home, such as indoors and outdoors. For help in upgrading your existing audio or video system, schedule a free consultation by calling 888-775-2673 or visiting our website @ www.wbsouth.com.

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