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How to Connect an Outdoor Subwoofer to Your Sonos Amplifier?

Enhancing your outdoor sound involves integrating an outdoor subwoofer into your Sonos system, yielding remarkable results. Here's a simple guide to seamlessly connect your subwoofer:


Select the Right Amplifier: Integrate a third-party amplifier into your setup. Use an RCA cable to connect the Sonos amplifier, powering your outdoor speakers, to the amplifier powering your subwoofer. Look for the "Sub" label on the output of the Sonos amplifier, and for the subwoofer amplifier, locate the input labeled "Input" or "Line in".


Choose Quality Components: For optimum performance, consider the Episode Landscape Series Burial Subwoofer for your outdoor setup, available with 8", 10”, or 12” subwoofers. Pair it with the Episode Digital subwoofer amplifier for superior results.


Fine-Tune Settings with Sonos App: Adjust the settings of the Sonos amplifier’s subwoofer output using the Sonos app. Here's how:


Access the Settings tab and tap System.

·      Under Products, select the Amp connected to the subwoofer.

·      Navigate to Sound and tap Sub Audio to adjust the subwoofer’s output level and crossover frequency.

·      By following these steps, you can seamlessly integrate a subwoofer into your Sonos system, enhancing your outdoor audio experience to new heights.


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