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Introducing Sonos Headphones

A few weeks back, Sonos unveiled their latest addition to their lineup, the Ace headphones. Since their debut, our clients have been curious about various aspects of these headphones. Chief among their inquiries is whether the new Sonos headphones can sync up with Sonos Soundbars. The answer is a bit nuanced: while the headphones can wirelessly connect to the Sonos Arc Soundbar through the app, this functionality doesn't extend to the Beam or other models.

The Ace headphones offer an immersive experience for enjoying your favorite video content, boasting full surround sound and Spatial Audio capabilities without disturbing those around you. With Dolby Atmos technology creating a three-dimensional audio environment, the Sonos Ace headphones feature Dynamic Head Tracking, which precisely tracks even the slightest movements of your head, ensuring the sound remains centered with every scene.

Furthermore, the Sonos Ace headphones come with a range of impressive features, including Lossless audio transmission over Bluetooth when paired with compatible devices or via a USB-C connection, Active Noise Cancellation for uninterrupted listening, and an Adjustable EQ accessible through the Sonos app, allowing users to fine-tune bass, treble, and overall loudness to their preference.

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