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My Old Bose Lifestyle System Doesn’t Turn On

We had a couple of calls this week where older Bose systems had trouble turning on. In most cases, this issue is either a Bose console or subwoofer issue. The 1st step is to try and determine which part of the Bose system isn’t working. Check and see if the power lights are lit on the console and bass module. If either one is out, check your power connection to each unit and confirm those units are plugged into a working outlet. If the units are plugged in properly, unplug the units, wait 60 seconds, and then plug back in. If the console remains unlit, you will need factory service. If your console is lit and you have no sound, check the cable between the back of the console and subwoofer. Confirm this is properly connected. If it is and there still is no sound, your system will need factory service. For factory service, go to You will need the serial number of your unit to determine if Bose is still repairing your Lifestyle system. For help in upgrading your old Bose Lifestyle system, schedule a FREE consultation @ 888-775-2673. Please visit our website @

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