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Should I Upgrade My Cable Box?

If you have recently purchased a new TV and are not totally satisfied with the picture quality, the 1st place to look is your cable box. I recently noticed with my new TV that the picture quality was far superior when I was streaming than when I was watching a cable program. This was especially true with live sporting events. After verifying that my cable connections were tight, the HDMI cables were 4K capable, and I was paying for the correct cable service. I contacted my cable company who will remain anonymous. To my chagrin, I was informed that although I was paying for 4K service, my cable box was never upgraded or changed. Long story short, after I picked up and installed a new cable box, the change in picture quality was quite noticeable and near streaming quality. There was no additional charge for the new box although I did have to pick it up and install the new box myself. So, if your streaming video picture quality is better than your cable picture quality, be sure your cable box is 4K capable. For help with designing, installing, or servicing your home entertainment system. Schedule a FREE consultation by calling 888-775-2673. Please visit our website

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