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Streaming Video, Cable, External Device, or TV?

As streaming video and streaming video services continue to explode, clients often have multiple choices how to access their video streaming services. For example, Netflix can be accessed using a TV app, an external device such as Roku or Amazon Firestick, and even cable TV boxes. For the best picture, we recommend viewing streaming video through the TV apps or an external device, not your cable TV box. The reason is most cable TV boxes do not transmit 4K video whereas as newer Roku and Firesticks provide 4K video. Even though you may have purchased a 4K TV, the 4K TV can only reproduce the signal it receives. If your TV is 4K and your content is broadcast is 1080HD, the result is you are watching 1080HD, not 4K. To see the difference, try watching a show on your cable box and then watch the same show using the TV app or an external device. The difference will be clear. For design, sales, and service of your home entertainment systems, schedule a FREE consultation, call 888-775-2673.

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