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What is Sonos Voice?

Sonos Voice enables direct voice control of specific speakers without the need for a third-party app like Google Home or Amazon Alexa. The Sonos speakers compatible with Sonos Voice include Arc, Beam (Gen2), Era 300, Era 100, Roam, and the Move. With Sonos Voice, you can play music from various sources, including Sonos Radio, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Deezer, and Pandora.

Moreover, the Arc and Beam (Gen2) Soundbars with Sonos Voice allow you to ask Sonos to power on the TV and adjust your home theater settings. Sonos Voice empowers you to adjust volume, skip, replay, and pause tracks from your music library. You can also effortlessly group and ungroup your speakers.

When you're away from your Wi-Fi network and in Bluetooth mode, Sonos Voice remains accessible, enabling you to pause or resume music, increase or decrease volume, mute or unmute, skip to the next track, go back to the previous track, check battery level, and even restart the current track.

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