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What is the Difference between a Sonos Sub and a Sonos Mini

The Sonos Mini and the Sonos Sub are designed for different room sizes and acoustic needs, offering distinct advantages based on their design and specifications. The Sub Mini, recommended for small to medium-sized rooms and modest volume levels, features two 6" force-canceling woofers arranged face-to-face, minimizing undesirable effects such as buzz, rattle, and distortion. This compact subwoofer, measuring 12.02 H x 9.06 W x 9.06 D, is an ideal choice for those seeking a space-efficient solution with a price tag of $429.


In contrast, the Sonos Sub, recommended for larger rooms, employs a pair of engineered force-canceling drivers to deliver powerful bass effects. With dimensions of 15.31 H x 15.83 W x 6.22 D, it offers a more substantial presence. Priced at $799, the Sonos Sub is a premium option for those who prioritize a more immersive audio experience in larger spaces.


While both models share the capability to play down to 25 Hz, they differ in orientation flexibility. The Sub Mini must be positioned vertically, whereas the Sub can be used either vertically or horizontally. Additionally, the Sub Mini is limited to one per room, while two Sonos Subs can be employed to enhance audio quality in larger spaces. Both models, available in white or black, are exclusive to Sonos products and contribute solely to the audio experience within the connected room.


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