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Are There Weatherproof Flush Mounted Speakers?

One of the most frequently asked questions we receive is whether indoor ceiling speakers can be used on porch or deck ceilings. While these speakers may be installed in a porch or deck ceiling, they are not designed for outdoor use. However, there is now a solution for those who prefer flush-mounted speakers without compromising weather resistance. Episode offers the Core 3 and Core 5 series, available in 6" or 8" models. The Core 3 6" model measures 9.2" x 4" and has a peak power capability of 100 watts, while the Core 3 8" version measures 10.6" x 4.6" and has a peak power of 125 watts. The Core 5 models share the same dimensions and peak power capabilities. Besides the size difference, the Core 5 series provides an enhanced overall listening experience. If you need assistance in designing your outdoor A/V system, please visit our website at

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