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Bose CD Player Message “Can’t Read CD

Leading up to the holiday season, we received several inquiries from clients regarding an error message on their Bose CD player: 'Can’t Read CD.' This message typically indicates one of three issues: a defective CD/DVD, a dirty 'Laser Eye,' or a malfunctioning 'Laser Eye.' Before considering professional service, we suggest attempting to play multiple CDs to determine if the issue persists. If the error message persists with different CDs, the problem likely lies elsewhere.

To address potential 'Laser Eye' dirt, we recommend using a cleaning CD/DVD. These cleaning discs are readily available online for less than $10.00 and come with simple usage instructions provided by the manufacturer. Should the problem persist after trying different CDs and cleaning the player, we recommend reaching out to Bose support for further assistance. You can contact Bose support by visiting

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