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Is There a Replacement for My Bose Wave Radio

The most common inquiry we receive weekly is, "Can my Bose Wave Radio be repaired?" Unfortunately, in the majority of cases, the answer is no. Subsequently, the next question often posed is, "Is there a replacement?" Considering Bose has discontinued the Wave Radio, your decision should hinge on whether you prioritize a device for playing CDs with superior sound quality or if the clock/alarm feature holds greater importance.


For those seeking high-quality sound for their CDs, we recommend the Sonos 5, Sonos Era 100, or a Sonos Era 300 speaker with a connected 3rd party CD player. All these speakers feature a line-level input, allowing you to connect any CD player using the appropriate cable – typically an analog to 3.5 cable. Beyond delivering excellent CD audio, these speakers offer streaming music capabilities through the Sonos app. It's essential to note that these speakers lack a clock or alarm feature, and you'll need to manually start your CD player.


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