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Can I Switch Bass Modules with Bose Lifestyle System?

Recently, we had an online chat with a client who encountered difficulties trying to connect a Bose 500 bass module to a Lifestyle 600 system. Unfortunately, we had to clarify that this combination was not possible. The Bose 500 and 700 bass modules belong to the Bose Music product line, while the Lifestyle 600 system is part of the Bose Soundtouch product line. Regrettably, these two product lines are not compatible and do not integrate.

For clients with older Bose Lifestyle systems that lack music streaming capabilities, the system's amplifier was integrated into the bass module. Over time, these bass modules tend to be the first components to fail. However, the older bass modules are no longer available and repairing them has become nearly impossible. As a result, some clients resort to purchasing used bass modules online. If you opt for this approach, it's crucial to ensure you acquire the exact model replacement. Different Bose bass modules have varying connections with Lifestyle consoles, and not all Bose bass modules will work with all Bose Lifestyle systems.

Additionally, please note that third-party bass modules will not connect to a Bose Lifestyle system.

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