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How Can I Get My Bose Wave Radio Repaired?

The most common question we receive, hands down, is "Can You Repair My Bose Wave Radio?" We field an average of 3 to 4 of these inquiries every single day. The straightforward response is this: when it comes to repairing your Wave Radio or your Bose Soundlink Mini, Bose itself is the best choice.

The Bose Wave Radio, initially introduced in 1993, stands out as one of the most beloved audio products ever created. Some of the prevalent issues reported by users include CDs that refuse to play, power failures, unresponsive remotes, or a dim display. It's crucial to recognize that not all Bose Wave Radios are salvageable. To determine if your system can still be fixed, we recommend visiting On their website, you'll be prompted to input your serial number to determine the repairability of your unit. If it's repairable, you'll receive detailed service instructions.

If you'd rather speak with a representative, you can reach Bose product support at 800-379-2073. However, we strongly endorse utilizing the website option for greater efficiency.

For those seeking assistance in designing their home entertainment setup, we invite you to schedule a FREE consultation. You can reach us at 888-775-2673 or book a consultation directly on our website at

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