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How Can I Improve My Outdoor Wi-Fi?

As people continue to expand their outdoor Living Spaces, the importance of a strong outdoor Wi-Fi signal increases. Whether for a new Smart TV, streaming music, or answering email on the Patio, a good internet connection is needed. A quick test to check the difference between your indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi strength is to measure your internet speed standing at your router and then standing on your Patio or Deck. To do this, type “Test Internet Speed” into your phones browser and then run the test at your router and outside. If the difference between the 2 tests is significant, you may want to consider adding an outdoor access point. I strongly recommend adding a hard-wired access point and not a wireless repeater. The reason is a hard-wired access point is wired directly to your router and acts as an additional antenna for the router. A wireless repeater is trying to boost a signal that you have already determined through your testing is weak. As a result, you are repeating a weak signal. For a FREE consultation for all your audio and video needs, please call 888-775-2673. To learn more about audio and video for your Outdoor Living Spaces, please visit our website

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