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If I Lose My Internet Connection, Can I Still Play Music with My Sonos System?

New users of streaming music, often want to know if they can still use their Sonos system should they lose their internet connection. The answer is yes but with very limited functionality. You can Bluetooth to a Sonos Roam or a Sonos Move. Once you establish the Bluetooth connection to the Roam or Move, you can then group other Sonos devices that are part of your Sonos system. If you have lost your Internet connection but your Wi-Fi network is still operating, you can Apple AirPlay 2 to compatible Sonos devices. Once the AirPlay connection has been established, you can group together other Sonos Devices. Without a Wi-Fi connection you cannot stream music services through the Sonos app. For help with upgrading your older audio system to a new Sonos system schedule a FREE consultation by calling 888-775-2673. Please visit our website @

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