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Is the Flashing on My TV Caused by My Bose Lifestyle System?

A client recently approached us with concerns about white flashing on his TV and whether his Bose system might be the cause. To diagnose the problem correctly, we asked a series of questions.

First, we inquired if the flashing occurred on all inputs. If the issue was limited to only one of the client's devices, such as the cable box or DVD player, there was a high probability (around 99%) that the problem lay with that specific device.

However, if the flashing was happening across all devices, we narrowed down the potential culprits to three: the Bose console, the HDMI cable connecting the Bose console to the TV, or the TV itself. To identify the source of the problem, we recommended the following steps:

1. Check Bose Console: To determine if the Bose console was causing the issue, the client could perform a straightforward test. By directly plugging the cable box into the TV and bypassing the Bose console, they could observe whether the flashing stopped. If the flashing ceased, the Bose console was likely responsible for the problem.

2. Test HDMI Cable: If the issue persisted even after bypassing the Bose console, the client should then focus on the HDMI cable connecting the Bose console and the TV. To verify if the cable was faulty, they could try replacing it with a new one. If the flashing disappeared after replacing the HDMI cable, it indicated that the cable was indeed the problem.

3. Check the TV: If the flashing continued despite using a different HDMI cable, the TV itself might be the source of the issue.

For any further inquiries or to get help in designing a home entertainment system, clients were encouraged to schedule a FREE consultation by calling 888-775-2673. Additionally, they could visit our website at for more information.

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