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Will Universal Remotes Work with My Older Bose Lifestyle System

We've recently seen an uptick in reports about issues with Bose remotes, and clients frequently inquire about using a Universal remote with their older Bose Lifestyle systems. Before opting for a new remote, don't forget to replace the batteries in your current remote control. If you find that Bose no longer offers the original remote, here are a few considerations before choosing a universal remote. First, ensure that the universal remote is compatible with your specific Lifestyle model and has the necessary codes to operate it. Keep in mind that your Bose remote might have unique features specific to the product, which may not be compatible with a universal remote. Most Bose Lifestyle systems operate using infrared technology, so it's essential to confirm that your chosen universal remote supports infrared. Please be aware that some Bose Lifestyle systems use a proprietary RF remote, making it challenging to find a universal remote that works with the proprietary Bose RF technology.

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